PEGAS starts new spot market index and harmonizes usage of existing indices for futures

29.08.17 19:03

On September 5th, the Gaspoint Nordic Spot Index (GPN Spot Index) will change name to EGSI (European Gas Spot Index). An EGSI will be published not only for the Danish ETF hub but for all hubs traded on the PEGAS platform making it easier to compare the gas price across Europe.

Gaspoint Nordic will publish the EGSI on its webpage as well as in the Data Center and via FTP. The publication of the GPN Spot Index will continue uninterrupted until December 31st 2017 in parallel with the EGSI and will remain available in excel format (Download prices, GPN Spot Index).

In addition to the name change the calculation methodology of the new EGSI price index will be subject to a minor change compared to the current GPN Spot index. Unlike the GPN Spot index the EGSI price calculation will not include individual day contracts but only include the Weekend contract when establishing the price for Saturdays and Sundays.

Together with the launch of EGSI, PEGAS will also harmonize the usage of existing indices in the future market. Both, EGIX (European Gas Index) and PEGAS Futures Monthly Index, refer on trades in the front month and will be published now equally for liquid PEGAS futures market. Corresponding index values are then available for the Gas markets of Germany (GASPOOL, NCG and a virtual German market), the Netherlands (TTF), France (PEG Nord and TRS), Austria (CEGH) and Denmark (ETF). 

For more information about the name change and the adjustment to the calculation methodology click here (link to posted news).  

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