As per July 2016 French Powernext SA took full ownership og Gaspoint Nordic


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Company description

The gas exchange Gaspoint Nordic organizes physical trade of natural in corporation with Powernext. 

The contracts offered on the Pan-European Gas (PEGAS) platform are Withinday, Day, Weekend and Month-ahead contracts.

Gaspoint Nordic provides a market place to producers, retailers, energy companies, trading representatives and large consumers on which they can buy or sell natural gas completely anonymous and with no credit risk. Gaspoint Nordic uses the European Commodity Clearing (ECC) as clearing house, which act as the central counterparty in all trades guaranteeing daily settlement.

Trading at PEGAS is based on continuous trading and is performed electronically through an internet based trading system. This enables the market players the opportunity to monitor the market development, place their own bids and orders and receive the latest market information in real time – hence contributing to the continuous development and a dynamic gas market.

Gaspoint Nordic supports market based balancing in cooperation with the Danish TSO, Energinet.dk by offering 24/7 trading in Withinday and Day-ahead contracts.

Through Gaspoint Nordic’s data services Trading Participants, end-users, media and other stakeholders are able to get access to data derived from trading and bidding activity on the exchange.

On July 5th 2016 Energinet.dk sold it’s 50% share holding to European Energy Exchange AG. Shares were later transferred within the EEX Group to Franch Powernext SA     


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