PEGAS aims to continuously develop the ETF market in line with the demand of the stakeholders.

Through close cooperation with the customers and the clearing partner we thrive to grow and expand the gas market and align to major european gas markets.

We focus on the need of our customers and are committed to facilitate more trading opportunities.



Energinet.dk and Nord Pool Spot established Gaspoint Nordic (Nord Pool Gas) in late 2007 with the aim of creating a transparent and competitive market place for natural gas. 

Since the very first trade on March 4th 2008 the business has been through a strong growth journey.

Volumes traded currently amount to 80 % of the Danish gas consumption.

Our products and services have continuously developed in line with the needs of our customers. Since 17th November 2016 all ETF products are traded on the PEGAS trading platform.

Operational milestones:

Nov 2018

The Gaspoint Nordic brand is decommissioned and substituted by PEGAS to benefit from the widely recognized pan European brand

Nov 2016

All Gaspoint Nordic ETF products were successfully migrated to the PEGAS trading platform and the Gaspoint Nordic platform decommissioned. 

Dec 2015

Gaspoint Nordic reaches record level of trading volumes with more than 17 TWh traded in 2015. The share of Danish Gas Consumption is 58 % for 2015. 

Oct 2015

In cooperation with the European Energy Exchange (EEX) Gaspoint Nordic commences REMIT Data Reporting Service according to Article 8 of REMIT.

April 2015

Trading volumes at Gaspoint Nordic has maintained a share above 40 % of Danish gas consumption for the last 12 months. 

Dec 2014

Gaspoint Nordic launches data area subscriptions where customers, end-users, media and other interested parties can get access to data derived from bidding and trading.

Oct 2014

24/7 trading for withinday and day ahead contracts offered and the contract structure is changed thus offering  Withinday, Day, Weekend and Month Ahead contracts.

Oct 2014

Clearing activities are transferred to European Commodity Clearing (ECC)

Oct 2014

Market operational tasks and supervision is transferred to EEX’s Market Supervision team

Jul 2013

The gas exchange changes it’s name from Nord Pool Gas to Gaspoint Nordic

Oct 2012

Gaspoint Nordic (Nord Pool Gas) enters into an emergency supply agreement with Energinet.dk thus obligating Gaspoint Nordic to offer extended trading hours in case of a gas supply crisis

May 2012

Gaspoint Nordic (Nord Pool Gas) trading reaches 20 % of Danish gas consumption

Dec 2011

Withinday trading is offered at weekends

Apr 2011

Withinday and Weekend contracts offered

Apr 2011

Clearing activities are transferred to Nord Pool Spot

Nov 2010

Gaspoint Nordic (Nord Pool Gas) trading reaches 10 % of Danish gas consumption

Oct 2009

Swap and Balance of Month trading offered

Nov 2008

Month Ahead trading offered

Mar 2008

First trading day and first trade. Day ahead trading commences


July 2016

Powernext SA owns 100% of the Gaspoint Nordic shares. 

Jan 2015

Energinet.dk and EEX share joint ownership of Gaspoint Nordic (50% shares each)

Dec 2012

Energinet.dk (100%)

Dec 2007

Energinet.dk (50%) and Nord Pool Spot (50%