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Data Center

The PEGAS ETF Data Center offers a wide variety of options. The data center holds all price and volume data starting year 2011 as well as corresponding statistics .The data is easy to work with through customized download queries that can be saved for later use.

The Data Center is divided into two sections:

  • Download statistics
  • Download trade data (only access for PEGAS ETF trading participants)

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Download Statistics

This section provides access to a broad range of trade statistics specific to the PEGAS ETF market. Data is based on custom ranges or pre fixed time periods with an option to save favorite download settings. The data/statistics include:

  • Trading and delivery period
  • Price and volume data related to the European Gas Spot Index ETF (EGSI ETF)
  • End of day price references and volumes for all contracts as well as settlement prices
  • Prices in EUR/MWh and DKK/Nm3
  • Day to day price changes
  • First, high, low and last trade
  • Total value in EUR and DKK.
  • EUR exchange rate
  • Total volumes in MWh and Nm3 for all products
  • # of trades
  • Standard.deviation on price per product

Download Trade Data

This section is relevant to Gaspoint Nordic Trading participants only. It provides access to all details on the trade level and cover either all trades or can be limited to cover only trades in which the trading participant is involved.

The custom time range can be specified down to the second and trades filtered by product. Favorite download settings can be saved for easy and quick processing

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You get access to the Gaspoint Nordics Data Area by sending a request to data@gaspointnordic.com.



For further information:

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Senior Business Developer


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