Allows for automated data transfer

Integrated business processes

Valid and secure trade data



Gaspoint Nordic offer relevant trading data and end of day data to trading participants as well as third parties via FTP services. 

The FTP server holds the following data:

  • End of day data for all published indices and reference prices
  • All historical end of day data for indices and reference prices

Gaspoint Nordic trading participants additionally get FTP access to:

  • All trades in near real time 
  • Own trades in near real time

The download section holds descriptions of the different csv files located on the FTP server and hence what information is available.

Go to the “Get Access” page to order your access now.

ftp pakke



You get access to the Gaspoint Nordics Data Area by sending a request to data@gaspointnordic.com.login


For further information:

Anders Cassøe

Sales & Business Development Manager


Phone: +45 3145 1165