Market Overview of the trading activity

Ongoing assessment of market price and prevailing spreads

Easy access via tablet and smartphone view


Market Overview

Market Overview provides a visual of the activity on the PEGAS ETF trading screen.

This service is available for all interested parties in the gas sector including end consumers, power producers, consultants, public authorities ect.

A graph is showing the best sell and buy orders as well as price development during the day with 15 min delay, the graph is updating minute for minute. The corresponding table is summarizing the most important statistics e.g. a running volume weighted average of the Day ahead trades, which is a fine indicator for the European Gas Spot Index ETF (EGSI ETF), which represent the daily gas price in the Danish market. 

The graph has zoom and mouse over functionality allowing for detailed information on individual trades on the trading day. 

In addition to the Day ahead contracts the Market Overview graph and table is also available for Within-day and Weekend products.

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The Market Overview provides for easy market insight on laptops, tablet or smartphone.

Delayed real time

Included in the package.


You get access to the Gaspoint Nordics Data Area by sending a request to data@gaspointnordic.com



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Senior Business Developer


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