The natural gas index ensures full transparency and price developments in line with the market price.

Enjoy the benefits from accurate, customized and timely market data through Gaspoint Nordic’ s data area.

The market overview facility gives you near realtime information on the intraday  trading activity.


Price calculator

The price calculator is a simple tool that calculates historical monthly gas prices based on the European Gas Spot Index (formerly Gaspoint Nordic Spot Index).

All you need to do is to choose a period in the drop down menu and fill in your monthly volumes, in Nm3, in the cells below.

Then click the “Calculate” button.

The indexed prices from Gaspoint Nordic in this tool are “pure commodity” exchange prices. Transmission, distribution, flexibility services, mark-up etc. are not included. Prices do not include taxes and VAT.


Unfortunately there has been an error on our Price Calculator in Juli and August, causing these two prices to be wrong. The error has been fixed, and the prices you see now in the Price calculator is correct. If you have used the July and August prices please check them again and use the figures you find now. We apologize for any problems this may have causes, and have taken measures to ensure it does not happen again.


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