Benefit from …

Only one exit zone

Daily market based balancing

International clearing house



Become a PEGAS participant and benefit from:

  • PEGAS trading platform
  • View access to all PEGAS hubs and access to trade data.
  • 24/7 trading in the Nordic Spot Market in which traded volumes exceed 4/5 of the Danish domestic consumption
  • Intraday, day ahead and month ahead trading
  • Secure and anonymous trading
  • Enhanced liquidity through day ahead and month ahead market making
  • Professional 24/7 market supervision and hotline
  • Clearing and settlement handled by interntional clearing house European Commodity Clearing, ECC
  • Opportunities to optimize trading and processing through ECC’s network of partner exchanges, clearing banks and TSO’s.
  • FTP services for trade and end of day data
  • Data Area for customized downloads of historical trade data and historical end of day statistics
  • REMIT reporting
  • ACER compliant exchange rules
  • 100% membership fee discount for new members the first 12 months


For further information:

Anders Juul Cassøe

Senior Business Developer

Phone: +45 3145 1165