Fee structure

PEGAS ETF offers membership, trading and data access with a simple and transparent fee structure.


Fee structure & price list

The fee structure at PEGAS ETF consists of fees that are relevant for Data Access customers and Trading Participants.

Fees applicable for Data Access users

  • FTP fee: Monthly access fee for PEGAS ETF’s FTP server 
  • Data center fee: Monthly access fee for PEGAS ETF’s data center
  • Market Overview fee: Monthly access fee for PEGAS ETF’s Market Overview 

Fees applicable to Trading Participants

  • Membership Fee: Annual fee for participating at PEGAS ETF’s Physical Market.
  • Trading Fee: Volume dependent fee of EUR/MWh traded at PEGAS ETF.
  • License Fee: In case the Trading Participant needs additional logins for the trading system.
  • REMIT reporting fees: EEX RRM reporting serivces on behalf of PEGAS. 

PEGAS Fee structure and price list 2018 is available in the top right corner of this page.


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