REMIT Data Reporting Service

Since 7 October 2015, EEX, Gaspoint Nordic and Powernext have been offering a service for the reporting of transaction data according to Article 8 of REMIT. This service enables all trading participants to delegate their reporting obligations of transaction data to EEX, Gaspoint Nordic and Powernext. This includes all relevant trades concluded or entered via the trade registration function, as well as orders.

The service covers the reporting or the provision of EEX, Gaspoint Nordic and Powernext trading data. The data is formatted as defined by REMIT, the REMIT Implementing Regulation and the latest procedures, standards and electronic formats published by the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), and reported or provided accordingly.

EEX, Gaspoint Nordic and Powernext offer the following options to trading participants that would like to use the service:

  1. Provision of the data in an established format, for individual download by the trading participant (basic service)
  2. Reporting to ACER (additional service)
  3. Provision of the data to the Swiss Federal Electricity Commission ElCom (additional service)
  4. Provision of the data to EFETnet (additional service) 

The conclusion of the REMIT Data Services Agreement is a precondition for the use of the service. This agreement can at the same time be used to select the provision of the transaction data as well as the direct reporting to ACER for EPEX SPOT.

If you wish to receive further information about the details of the REMIT Data Reporting Service, please send an e-mail to

Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM)

EEX is the Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM) for the reporting of EEX, Gaspoint Nordic and Powernext trading data.

Reporting is performed using the ACER Code „B0000104M.DE“.

Trading participants that intend to delegate their REMIT reporting obligations to Gaspoint Nordic or Powernext as well as those who have already done so are asked to provide this information in section 5 of their CEREMP Registration as a Market Participant (Data related to delegated parties for reporting on behalf of the Market Participant). This requirement is due to the fact that EEX will be the RRM for Gaspoint Nordic and Powernext as well.

Members can either send the data to the RRM of their choice themselves, or ask for an automated transfer.

  • The Basic Service – provision of ACER xml – will allow members to download the formatted data and report it via the RRM of their choice.
  • Members that wish to have access to the Trayport reporting service for EEX, Gaspoint Nordic or Powernext should select the basic service. Trayport can then retrieve the data directly from the FTPS/sftp.
  • Members that wish to choose Regis-TR as their RRM should also select the basic service. Regis-TR can then retrieve the data directly from the FTPS/sftp.
  • Members that wish to have their REMIT data reported to the Swiss Federal Electricity Commission ElCom can choose the dedicated additional service.
  • Members that wish to choose EFETnet as their RRM can subscribe to a dedicated additional service so that EEX, Gaspoint Nordic and Powernext automatically transfer the data to EFETnet eRR.

Further information can be found on the ACER REMIT Portal.

REMIT Phase II Reporting

Since 7 April 2016, transactions in wholesale energy markets that are not concluded at an organised market place (OMP) need to be reported.

For REMIT phase II reporting, EEX offers services together with Seven2one. Seven2one uses the RRM infrastructure of EEX, but provides customer support as well as several optional solutions for data connectivity and processing.

In 2016, the REMIT phase II reporting service is free of charge.

The phase II reporting solution offered by EEX and Seven2one is available to all market participants; an exchange membership is not a prerequisite.

For further information, please consult

Registration of Market Participants

Trading participants that conclude transactions on an OMP are obliged to register as market participants before they start trading. Since EEX, Gaspoint Nordic and Powernext have been recognised as OMPs by ACER, all trading participants need to register.

Pursuant to Article 9 of REMIT, the registration is mandatory for all market participants. Market participants are all members that conclude transactions which are reportable according to Article 8 Paragraph 1 of the REMIT Implementing Regulation.

Registration shall be made with the National Regulatory Authority (NRA) of the member state within which the market participant is established or resident. If a market participant is not based in the European Union, registration shall be made with the NRA of a member state within which it operates.

ACER has specified the data to be provided for the registration as well as the format. More detailed information on the registration process has been published by the NRAs.

For more information, please visit the following links:

> List of National Regulatory Authorities 
> REMIT Implementing Regulation

Publication of Inside Information

During their registration with the NRAs, market participants are asked where they publish inside information. This information also needs to be provided by market participants without technical production, storage or consumption facilities for electricity or natural gas. According to Article 4 of REMIT, trading participants are obliged to publish their inside information effectively and in due time.

Service Fee

The following price list applies depending on the contracting OMP(s).

 REMIT price list

 * As a member of the EEX Group, EPEX SPOT will be included in the special discount price for several OMPs of the group. For more information on EPEX SPOT services, please refer to the customer information of EPEX SPOT.