International clearing house

All trades are settled and cleared via our international clearing partner ECC.

Trading Participants benefit from ECC’s network of partner exchanges, clearing banks and TSO’s thus exploiting the entire netting and cross-margining potential in the course of settlement.


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Clearing and Settlement

PEGAS cooperates with the European Commodity Clearing (ECC) regarding clearing and settlement of trades conducted at PEGAS. 

ECC acts as central counterparty and handles all aspects related to clearing and settlement: 

  • Physical settlement is conducted through ECC’s connection and balance area agreement with the Danish TSO,
  • Financial settlement is conducted on a daily basis through ECC’s cooperation with international banks acting as Clearing Members.
  • Risk management through daily profit/loss and margin calculations.
  • Invoicing of clearing and trading fees are conducted on a monthly basis, with ECC invoicing and collecting volume dependant trading fees in the name of and on behalf of Gaspoint Nordic.

ECC makes relevant reports on physical and financial settlement as well as invoices available for the Trading Participants through the ECC Member Area.

All PEGAS Trading Participants must enter into a Non-Clearing Member Agreement with ECC before commencing trading.

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ECC clearing:

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